Wolf Dab Rig GLOW

Wolf Dab Rig GLOW

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This unique Wolf Dab Rig is a meticulously crafted piece that combines functionality with an artistic twist. Standing at a compact size for ease of handling, it features a highly detailed, textured wolf's head as the base, accentuated by piercing yellow eyes that add a level of intensity to the design. Rising from the top is a network of gnarled branches, adorned with multiple glass eyes in various sizes, creating a surreal and captivating look. The rig is completed with a sturdy glass stem and a matching, removable glass bowl for convenience. Perfect for those who appreciate the wildness of nature and the spirit of the wolf, this dab rig not only serves as a functional smoking accessory but also as a conversation-starting centerpiece.

🐺 7.25 inches tall
🐺 Borosilicate glass dab rig
🐺 Disc percolator
🐺 Hand-molded acrylic resin
🐺 UV paint & Glow irises

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