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Giveaways FAQ

How do your giveaways work?

Our giveaways are simple. All current giveaways are posted on the top of our Facebook page. Simply commenting on that video enters you in to win. Winners are posted on the page once the giveaway ends. Make sure you check back on the page the day after a giveaway.
Hint: Like our Facebook page to be notified of giveaways and winner announcement. 
Beware of fake pages. We will NEVER send you a friend request or message you stating that you won. If you ever get a request or message like that please block and/or ignore. 

I was chosen as a winner. How do I claim my prize? 

Message us your address! Don't panic if we don't reply right away. As long as we got your address down, you're good to go. 

What's the best way to get into contact with you?

Contact us via email @ We typically respond within a few hours.