Wake n Bake Box

Wake n Bake Box

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  1. Mug Pipe: Forget the juggle between your cup of joe and your smoke session; merge them seamlessly with our mug pipe. It’s your go-to for a chill morning where your coffee pairs excellently with your favorite strain, setting the right tone for the day ahead.

  2. Ceramic Donut Pipe: Meet your new favorite morning companion. This ceramic donut pipe isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s designed to provide smooth hits, adding a sprinkle of sweetness to your morning ritual. Plus, its fun and whimsical design is bound to make it a conversation piece.

  3. Donut Lighter: Adding a bit of fun to your morning routine has never been easier with this quirky donut lighter. Not only is it functional, but its distinctive design brings a lighthearted touch to your wake and bake session, letting you ignite joy right from the start.

  4. Sleepy Bear Keychain: Carry the laid-back morning vibes with you throughout the day with this sleepy bear keychain. A gentle reminder to embrace the calm and coziness of the morning, even when the day’s pace picks up.

Why You Need This in Your Life

  • No-Fuss Fun: This box isn’t about complicating things; it's about adding a dash of enjoyment to your morning routine without any of the fuss.
  • Gift-Ready: Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow morning lover? You’ve just found it.
  • Quality You Can Count On: We prioritize quality, ensuring that each item i

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