Glass-nado Bong
Glass-nado Bong

Glass-nado Bong

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🌪️ 12 Inches Tall
🌪️ 7mm Thick Glass
🌪️ Unique Swirling Design
The Glassnado is a stunningly crafted glass bong that stands at an impressive 12 inches tall. It features an intricate design of swirling, iridescent patterns that mimic the motion of a tornado, lending it its dynamic name. The glasswork showcases a kaleidoscope of reflective colors that dance and change as light hits the surface from different angles, creating an eye-catching visual effect. The bong's robust build and clear, polished finish highlight the quality of the craftsmanship. Its size makes it a statement piece, perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of glasswork combined with functionality.

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