Downstems are finally here! Whether you need a replacement or are just looking to elevate your water-pipe game, these downstems will do the trick!  Adding a quality and functional downstem to your beloved bong will give it EXTRA percolation power, leading to a smoother hit!

Choose from FOUR different downstems with THREE different styles of diffusion

  • Diffused Downstem (4.25inch or 10.8cm) - Made for water-pipes with an 18mm joint (standard). Bowl size : 14mm. Ideal for : Cylindrical Bongs or Beakers with a smaller bottom (8" Mammoth or GlowBowl)
  • 5-Arm Downstem (4.25inch or 10.8cm) - Made for waterpipes with an 18mm joint (standard). Bowl size : 14mmIdeal for : Cylindrical Bongs or Beakers with a smaller bottom (8" Mammoth or GlowBowl)
  • Showerhead Downstem 14mm (5.5inch or 14cm) - Made for waterpipes with a 14mm OR 18mm joint (universal). Bowl size : 14mm.  Ideal for : All Beakers (Mammoth, RastaGLOW, ArachnoGLOW)
  • Showerhead Downstem 18mm (5.5inch or 14cm) - Made for waterpipes with an 18mm joint (standard). Bowl size : 18mmIdeal for : All Beakers (Mammoth, RastaGLOW, ArachnoGLOW) *Note: You will need a 18mm bowl to fit this downstem!
    *** Not sure what size joint your water-pipe has?***
    USE THIS TRICK! -- If you can fit a DIME ($.10) inside the opening of the joint, then it is an 18mm size (most water-pipes have an 18mm joint).  If it doesn't fit, then it's most likely a 14mm joint.
    If you still have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at: 

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