Wisher Box

Prepare for Stoner Christmas EVERY month! Introducing the Wisher Box - a curated collection of unique stoner goodies delivered right to your door. The Wisher Box is the BEST value and MOST creative monthly subscription box out there. Every box contains a unique piece as well as an array of other stoner essentials, goodies, and collectible items. 
The Wisher Box is an EXCLUSIVE club with limited availability! Join the club to lock in your spot and let us do the rest. Sit back and relax knowing you have a monthly box on its way to you!


“Stoner Jedi Box”


Introducing a stoner box from a galaxy far, far away! The Stoner Jedi Box contains EIGHT items that will bring out the force in your smokesesh. The Light Saber pipe is 8 inches long with intricate detail throughout the handle. When the lights go out, these beautiful pipes GLOW bright (Blue, Green, or Red)! Blast through nugs with the Death Star Grinder -  a three-piece and hand-painted metal grinder with a built-in pollen collector. Every box comes with one of six unique and highly-comfortable stoner wars socks featuring the most epic characters. Plus, the Stoner Jedi Box contains a highly-detailed Millennium Falcon keychain that you will instantly fall in love with. Lastly, get your hands on FOUR custom Stoner Jedi stickers!

Get stoned you must!

Each Box Contains :

Light Saber Pipe

Death Star Grinder

Stoner Wars Socks

Millennium Falcon Keychain

FOUR unique stickers

Collectible Postcard

If you prefer a particular color for your lightsaber or design for your socks, please email us (support@theswlstore.com)  immediately after ordering with your requests.



The Wisher Box is a monthly subscription - that means that by joining the club you will have a new and unique box delivered right to your door every month. On the 5th of every month, your subscription will renew and the NEW box will be revealed!