Wisher Club Subscription Terms

Your use of Subscription Products is governed by these Subscription Terms, which are described in further detail below. 

Subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled.

Refunds, Exchanges, Returns

We do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on subscription items.

Please get in touch with us via email if you receive an item that is broken, missing or defective. Our dedicated customer rep will assist you in receiving a replacement right away. 

Please note: You must contact us within 15 days to address any issues or concerns with your subscription order. 

Email us: support@theswlstore.com 

Weekly Wisher Club Cancellations :

In the Weekly Wisher Club, you can cancel any week after a month of subscription! This policy is in place in order to provide you with awesome pieces for LOW prices.
Simply email us at support@theswlstore.com before Wednesday at 6 PM Pacific Time and we will help you out right away. 

Wisher Box Cancellations:

Deadline to cancel an upcoming box is on the 1st.
EXAMPLE: Say it's April and you want to cancel the upcoming box for May. You would need to email us by May 1st to cancel the order as we charge you on the 5th of every month. 
Simple email us at support@theswlstore.com to cancel and we will get back to your right away! 
PLEASE NOTE: Once orders are processed, we cannot provide refunds, but we would be happy to provide with you store credit.