Wizard Cat Bundle
Wizard Cat Bundle

Wizard Cat Bundle

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We've conjured the purr-fect bundle just for you. Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of our Wizard Cat Bundle, where each piece is designed to sprinkle a little magic and whimsy into your daily life. Let's explore what's inside:

Ceramic Cat Paw Pipe

Meet your new smoking buddy, the ceramic cat paw pipe! Perfectly crafted to fit in your hand, it's ready to take you on a transcendental journey to realms unknown. Just light up, inhale, and let the wizard cat guide your chill vibes and spiritual wanderings.

Large Canvas Wizard Cat Bag

Our wizard cat canvas bag is not only a dope carry-all for your stoner gear but a statement piece that shouts, "I'm here to chill and spread magical vibes!" Whether you're off to a friend's place or a magical forest, carry the spirit of the wizard cat with you.

Puzzle Stash Box

Behold, the stash box of your dreams! This isn't just any stash box; it's a labyrinthine adventure awaiting your exploration. Hide your green treasures in its mysterious compartments, and enjoy the magical journey of rediscovering them, one puzzle piece at a time.

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