Variety of Percolators

Percolators are common additions to bongs, bubblers, and rigs. Percolators are designed to provide extra filters to the smoke and cool it down before you inhale. This helps by creating a smoking experience that’s less harsh on your lungs. Here is a short list of some of the most popular designs of percolators out there!

Diffused Percolator

As the most basic of perc types, the diffused perc is usually built into a downstem and contains slits that rest under the water and cool the smoke as it flows through. Typically, the more slits cut into the downstem the more percolation the piece provides.

Showerhead Percolator

These are easy to recognize because, as the name implies, they look just like a showerhead! The Showerhead Perc utilizes a tube connected to the main chamber that pulls smoke up and through a larger tube. Then, the smoke is pushed down and out of a round base with slits or holes to maximize diffusion. They look awesome in action!

Honeycomb Percolator

Honeycomb percs are typically completely flat and look like discs filled with little holes that provide ample diffusion. The percs are constructed parallel to the base of the bong or rig, helping them shoot bubbles straight up the chambers. 

Inline Percolator

An inline percolator acts as an extension of the typical diffused downstem. This horizontal tube is cut with several slits that filter the smoke. Typically, the more slits there are in the tube, the more diffusion the inline perc creates.

Tree Percolator

Tree Percolators are one of the most visually appealing percolators to see in action. Think of them as a bundle of diffused percolators packed into one! This type of perc is made of multiple arms with slits and connected at the top. Air comes up from below and is forced through a central tube and then down through the several arms which creates a rippling effect of bubbles.

Matrix Percolator

Matrix percs combine the power of inline and tree percolation for a beautiful finish. They are created with both vertical and horizontal slits, resulting in an increased volume of diffusion! These tend to look like diamonds because of their variety of sharp angles and ability to refract light. They’re usually cylindrical in shape and located in the center of the bong’s base.

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