Super Stoned Bros. Box

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"Super Stoned Bros"

“It’s a me, Stoner Mario!” In March’s box, we are taking an absolute gamer classic and getting it super stoned! The Super Stoned Bros. Box is the most PACKED Wisher Box we have had to date! It features TWO exclusive glass pieces that are a MUST in your collection. Donkey Kong’s Banana Pipe is a hyper-realistic double-blown glass pipe that is over 6 inches long and packed with beautiful color. This epic piece is complimented by Toad’s Mushroom Pipe - a 3.5 inch mini-pipe that is sure to give you a level-up! Every box comes with FOUR hand-painted figures that look great in your sesh spot as well as a lanyard featuring the logo from ALL Mario classics! Plus, FOUR themed stickers.
Each Box Contains :
Donkey Kong Banana Pipe
Toad Mushroom Pipe
FOUR Mario Figures
Mario Lanyard
FOUR Custom Stickers
Collectible Postcard