Stoney Toons Box

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"Stoney Toons"

In February’s unique box, we are taking a cartoon classic and giving it a stoner twist! The Stoney Toons are coming to the sesh so prepare yourself for great laughs every time you light up. This month’s featured piece is a double-blown glass carrot pipe that is 7 inches long with Budz Bunny painted onto the glass! FOUR stoner cartoon characters are featured on the 7x5 inch metal rolling tray and every box contains an extremely useful 3-in-1 cleaning tool perfect for keeping your pieces clean!
“We’re lit folks!”
Each Box Contains :
Budz Bunny Carrot Pipe
Stoner Toons Rolling Tray
3-in-1 Cleaning Tool
FOUR custom stickers
Collectible Postcard



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