Stoner Swag Box

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The year’s greatest stoner holiday is almost here and we want to help you celebrate with this box PACKED with exclusive stoner gear. The Stoner Wishlist Swag Box is guaranteed to dramatically upgrade your sesh supplies! The Indestructirig is an unbreakable silicone/glass hydrid rig that contains a showerhead perc for maximum smoothness. This exclusive piece is accompanied by THREE stoner essentials that will quickly become a staple of your smokesesh. The Stoner Stash Jar keeps your herb fresh while the SWL Dab Mat compliments your sesh spot and keeps your surfaces clean! The Freedom Ring is designed to fit perfectly around your finger and securely hold a rolled one while you go about your daily tasks. Plus, get your hands on THREE custom stickers and a collectible postcard. We can’t wait to celebrate 4/20 with you!  

Each Box Contains :
Stoner Stash Jar
SWL Dab Mat
Freedom Ring
THREE Custom Stickers
Collectible Postcard

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