Paranormal Sesh Box


“Paranormal Seshbox”

Inside this box exists another dimension - a dimension of mind, sight, and extremely dope stoner gear! Introducing the Paranormal Seshbox - a 4/20 box designed for those who don’t wish to be normal. The thick, double-blown Paranormal GLOW Pipe is over 5 inches long and contains a deep bowl and power carb for smooth clearing. The ENTIRE pipe GLOWS brightly once the lights go out and reveals the Stoner Wishlist logo on both the front and stem of the pipe. The Extraterrestrial Stash Jar with its highly-detailed artwork can securely store up to 7 grams of your herb! The Upside Down Portal Ashtray is a revolutionary addition to your sesh supplies as it is both indestructible and GLOWS extremely bright when you turn off the lights. The Stoner Things Lighter is a unique Clipper lighter designed EXCLUSIVELY for this box. Last, but not least, every both contains a 2.5 x 2.5 inch Stoner Things Magnet PERFECT for either your fridge or car as well as THREE custom stickers!
Each Box Contains : 
Paranormal GLOW Pipe
Extraterrestrial Stash Jar
Upside Down Portal Ashtray
Stoner Things Lighter
Stoner Things Magnet
THREE Custom Stickers
Collectible Postcard

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