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Merry Kushmas Box

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Merry Kushmas #wishers! To help you celebrate this holiday season, we have put together a Christmas-themed stoner box that will smoke away these dark winter days. This month’s featured piece is the Christmas GLOW Rig - an unbreakable 6-inch rig covered in a beautiful pattern of holiday images that GLOWS incredibly bright when the lights go out. The piece comes complete with a high-quality glass bowl and diffused downstem. A heady and artistically designed Snowman Carb Cap will really put your smokesesh in the holiday spirit! Every box comes complete with a pack of High Hemp Rolling papers and a pine-scented Stoner Air Freshener PERFECT for your car, smokesesh room, or Christmas Tree! Finally, add some holiday cheer to your sesh spot with a Sticker Slap pack containing 5 unique stickers as well as an XL Christmas-themed Stoner Wishlist Magnet. 
Christmas GLOW Rig
Snowman Carb Cap
High Hemp Rolling Papers
Stoner Air Freshener
Stoner Xmas Slap Pack
Stoner Wishlist Magnet