Box of the Undead

“Box of the Undead”
What’s the best way to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?! - with a BOX full of dope smoking gear! Introducing the Box of the Undead - a 4/20 smoker’s box for both the living and the dead! This box is LOADED and the featured piece is a highly-detailed and hand-painted spoon pipe blown with translucent blue glass. Every piece contains a texturized undead head on the front of the bowl. A 100% medical-grade silicone dab mat features TWO undead nugs having a dank sesh. Every box also contains a set of TWO “Zombie Apocalypse Partners” necklaces. Share one with your smoking buddy! Last, but not least, this box features the Zombie Lighter - a completely unique design of an undead hand holding a bong. The PERFECT way to light up your Zombie Pipe!
Each Box Contains :
Heady Zombie Pipe
Undead Nugs Dab Mat
Apocalypse Necklace (Set of 2)
Zombie Lighter
THREE Custom Stickers



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