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How to Redeem Rewards: Step by Step

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Click Spend Wisher Points

Choose a reward and click Redeem

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FREE PIECE ON US can only be redeemed with Wisher Glass Collection pieces.


I ordered something but my points aren't showing up?

This could be happening for a couple reasons:

1) Your order hasn't been shipped.Points get deposited once your order is on the way.

2) You didn't use the email address associated with your Wisher Rewards Account during checkout.

Need more help? Send us a message @ support@theswlstore.com

I accidentally redeemed a reward but I changed my mind. Can I get my points back? 

You can send us an email @ support@theswlstore.com and let us know and we will manually deposit the unused rewards back into your account.

I can't login to my account. What should I do?  

You can recover your password by clicking "forgot your password." If you still need assistance, please send us an email. Please note, we cannot access accounts or change accounts.

Can points be used on subscriptions?

Points cannot be used towards subscriptions BUT you can still earn points from subscription purchases.